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Plating Barrels


Careful inspection of our range of plating barrels will clearly display the attention to detail in the design and construction of this range of plating units. The range starts from a very small laboratory sized unit through to a progression of sizes catering for loads of up to 16 kgs.

Many small components are very difficult to plate, due to their size or complex shapes. We offer a range of Vi-barrels, specially designed for these types of components. As the name suggests the components are moved within the barrel by vibration to ensure an even plating thickness.

Individual data sheets for each type of barrel are available separately from our Pershore office.

We keep a comprehensive stock of spares to ensure we can swiftly deliver replacement parts when needed.


Z21 Plating Barrels (loads up to 0.5 kg)

Z22 Plating Barrels (loads up to 0.9 kg)

Z Series (loads up to 12.0 kg)

ES 3 Series (loads up to 16.0 kg)

Galvamin mini Plating Barrels (loads up to 0.5 kg)

Vibarrel 100 (vibrating barrel, loads up to 0.5 kg)

Plating Barrel Spares


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