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Tin Stripping Processes

Stripper Plutex

An alkaline, cyanide-free process for the stripping of tin and tin-lead deposits from steel and copper components. This stripper does not remove the diffusion layer, ensuring that the base material is not attacked.

Plutex has a stripping rate 10 - 12 ┬Ám per minute and a metal capacity of 50 - 60 grams per litre of tin or 60 - 70 grams per litre of tin-lead.

Stripper L

Stripper L is an alkaline, cyanide based process for the stripping of a variety of metals from steel.

This process is capable of effective stripping of nickel, electroless-nickel, copper, cadmium, zinc and tin.

The base metal is not attacked so subsequent re-plating is possible without the need for further finishing.

Stripper L10

This sulphuric acid based immersion-stripping solution is formulated for the stripping of nickel and tin from copper and brass without attack on the base materials.

Stripper L30

Two different versions of Stripper L30 can be made up.

The first version, L30/1, is used for the immersion stripping of tin and tin-lead deposits from copper.

The second, L30/2, is used for the stripping of tin, tin-lead and copper deposits from stainless steel jigs and contacts.

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