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Tin Alloy Strippers

Stripper Plutex

An alkaline, cyanide-free process for the stripping of tin and tin-lead deposits from steel and copper components. This stripper does not remove the diffusion layer, ensuring that the base material is not attacked.

Plutex has a stripping rate 10 - 12 ┬Ám per minute and a metal capacity of 50 - 60 grams per litre of tin or 60 - 70 grams per litre of tin-lead.

Stripper L30

Two different versions of Stripper L30 can be made up.

The first version, L30/1, is used for the immersion stripping of tin and tin-lead deposits from copper.

The second, L30/2, is used for the stripping of tin, tin-lead and copper deposits from stainless steel jigs and contacts

Alstrip 2000

A new high yield one-step stripper for tin-lead working by immersion or spray, based on stabilised nitric acid, preventing harmful vapours due to nitrogen oxides. It can be replenished automatically using the "Density Controller".

The process has a high stripping rate with minimal etching of copper which is left bright.

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