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Miralloy Bronze Plating Processes

Miralloy is a bronze plating process i.e. an alloy of copper, tin and zinc which is often used as a substitute for nickel plating. Schloetter Co Ltd can supply a range of Miralloy bronze plating processes to give deposits with a range of colours and deposit characteristics.

Miralloy 846

Miralloy 846 is a rack bronze plating solution producing a bright yellow copper / tin / zinc alloy coating. This deposit is ideally suited as an undercoat for gold plating. The electrolyte has good covering power and good metal distribution.

Miralloy 2844

components plated with Miralloy 2844 bronze plating process

Miralloy 2844 has been developed to produce a copper-tin-zinc alloy coating.

The bright deposits have good solderability characteristics with a hardness of 600 HV. This provides good wear properties and corrosion resistance.

Miralloy 2844 is suitable for rack and barrel bronze plating.

Miralloy 2847

Miralloy 2847 is a barrel bronze plating electrolyte producing a copper-tin-zinc alloy deposit with a gold colour of approximately 2N.

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