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Pure Gold Plating Processes

Electrolytic Gold Plating Solutions


AURUNA 311 has been specifically developed for direct gilding of stainless steel. The process is also well suited for chrome-nickel alloys, molybdenum steels and low activity nickel alloys. Excellent as a strike solution, prior to heavy deposit gold plating.

The bath has a gold content 2 - 4 g/l, according to application and a deposition rate up to 0.2 µm per minute.


A neutral electrolyte with high current efficiency producing matt yellow, pure gold deposits. The deposit has excellent bonding and soldering properties making it ideal for printed circuit and semiconductor applications.

Example of deposits achieved from Auruna 555 gold plating solution


AURUNA 555 is a neutral pH, pure gold gilding solution with a gold content of 1 - 2 g/l.

This bath has a deposition rate of 0.1 - 0.15 µm per minute


A high-speed pure gold plating solution for bonding applications, with good thermal stability.

AURUNA 558 has a gold content of 12 g/l and a deposition speed of 0.6 - 2.4 µm per minute and meets MIL-G 45204 classification III A.


A weakly acidic gold strike bath for use in combination with AURUNA 558.


A weakly acid fine gold plating bath for rack and barrel applications. The high purity gold deposit has excellent bonding properties.


A range of colour gold baths with enhanced wear resistance by addition of hardener. The hardener renders the coatings more wear resistant without affecting the colour, which due to their composition are relatively soft.

AURUNA Color hard gold baths are designed to produce thin coating of approximately 0.1 - 0.2 µm for decorative applications.

100 & 110 Yellow Green 0N
101 Pale Yellow 1N
102 Light Yellow 2N
103 Yellow 3N
104 Pink 4N
115 Red 5N
109 Pure Gold
146 Greyish Pink

Immersion Gold Processes


An immersion gold solution for electroless deposition by charge exchange, particularly on electrodeposited or electrolessly deposited nickel layers.

Especially suited to printed circuit boards for Chip-On-Board technology (COB) or Surface-Mount Technology (SMT).

Very good solderability and bondability. Long bath life, simple bath maintenance. Free from EDTA.

Immersion Gold PP

An immersion gold process for producing thin 24 carat gold deposits on nickel and electroless nickel substrates.

This process is suitable for jig, barrel or basket applications.

Brush Plating Gold Processes


A ready-for-use gold plating solution for selective decorative pencil gold plating (brush gold plating). The metal is deposited by means of a wiping touch with a soaked brush. It works at room temperature, applied preferably for the direct plating of stainless steel.


A brush plating gold solution producing a pale light yellow deposit of 1N.


A brush plating gold solution producing a neutral yellow deposit of 2 - 3N.


A brush plating gold solution producing a rich deep yellow fine gold colour.


A brush plating gold solution producing a rose coloured deposit of 4 - 5N.

Ancillary Gold Processes

AURUNA fungicide 2

An effective non-foaming product for use in both gold plating baths and rinses.

K4 precipitation in weakly acidic gold baths

Nearly all divalent metal contamination can be removed by the addition of this product to weakly acidic gold plating baths. Precipitation is easy and prolongs the bath life.

Gold Potassium Cyanide

Gold Potassium Cyanide, 68% pure gold.

Supplied in 25 gram and 100 gram packs of gold metal.

Platinised Titanium Anodes

For use in gold and other noble metal plating solutions, platinised titanium anodes are available in 8 standard mesh sizes.

The anodes are made from 99.55% pure titanium, coated with 2.5 microns of platinum.

Both anodes and hooks are made to order to your required sizes.

Further details on our platinised titanium anodes can be found here.

Gold Brightener 408 WS

Gold Brightening Bath 408 WS is used for the anodic brightening of 8 - 18 carat coloured gold alloys and nickel-white gold alloys.

Anodic brightening dispenses with mechanical polishing to a varying degree depending on the shape, size and initial condition of the items.

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