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Gold Alloy Plating Processes

Cobalt-Gold Processes

AURUNA 539/539LC

AURUNA 539 and 539LC produce gold alloy deposits of 99.7% gold, alloyed with cobalt. The ultra bright deposits have good corrosion and abrasion resistance with a hardness of 150 - 220 HV.

The processes exhibit excellent deposit distribution.


A high speed cobalt gold alloy process for reel to reel and tab plating applications.

Gold content is 12 g/l and deposition rate is up to 11 µm per minute.

Nickel-Gold Processes


A weakly acid, decorative gold/iron/indium alloy plating solution, producing a deposit of approximately 1-2 N.


AURUNA 220 produces a pale yellow, bright 14 carat gold/nickel/indium alloy deposit ideally suited for decorative applications.

With gold content 4 g/l and a deposition speed of 0.6 µm per minute the process is suitable for both rack and barrel applications.


A high efficiency nickel-gold alloy plating process containing 0.3% nickel.

The deposits show low and stable contact resistance and good wear resistance whilst showing a wide operating window.

It can be used in both rack and barrel and meets ASTM B488: type 2 - 3, code C.


AURUNA 527 produces a nickel gold alloy deposit and has been designed specifically for barrel plating.

This gold bath displays excellent metal distribution characteristics. The bath has a gold content of 2 - 5 g/l and a deposition rate of 0.02 - 0.1 µm per minute.


A weakly acid, hard gold plating electrolyte with high current efficiency.

This nickel alloyed gold plating solution is ideal for both printed circuit and decorative applications producing a yellow coloured deposit.


AURUNA 531 is a weakly acidic electrolyte for the deposition of bright, hard gold coatings – deep yellow in colour.

The nickel gold alloy coatings have a hardness of 140 - 150 HV and display good abrasion resistance.

AURUNA 535/535LC

AURUNA 535 is a weakly acidic electrolyte producing deposits containing 99.8% gold. The gold is alloyed with nickel and the resulting deposit has a hardness of 140 - 150HV.

Both the 535 bath and the 535LC bath (low concentration) may use stainless steel anodes.


A new high speed hard nickel-gold alloy process designed for electrical contacts.

Low porosity and wear resistance are features together with an extended operating range.

ASTM B-488: type2-3, code C.

Nickel/Cobalt-Gold Processes


A weakly acid, nickel/cobalt alloyed gold plating electrolyte specifically designed for the bathroom industry. The yellow-grey coloured deposit has good corrosion and abrasion resistance as well as good hardness.

Clock plated in Auruna 536 iron-gold plating process

Iron-Gold Processes

AURUNA 536/536LC

A decorative, deep-yellow iron/gold alloy deposit is produced by AURUNA 536 which is suitable both decorative and technical applications (MIL-G 45204 classification I-11C).

The solution has a gold content of 11 g/l and has a deposition speed of 1 µm per minute.

These electrolytes produce a gold deposit of 99.7% gold alloyed with iron. Crack-free coatings of up to 10 µm can be achieved with a hardness of 150 - 170 HV.

Nickel/Indium-Gold Processes


A weakly acid, nickel/indium alloyed gold plating electrolyte producing a pale yellow 1N coloured deposit.

Deposits have good corrosion and abrasion resistance making them ideal for decorative applications.


Similar to AURUNA 221 but producing a light 2N colour.


A high speed, nickel-indium alloyed gold plating electrolyte producing a pale yellow colour.


As AURUNA 230 but producing a light yellow 2N colour.

Silver-Gold Processes


A range of alkaline-cyanide, silver alloyed gold electrolytes producing thick coatings of gold.

AURUNA 570 18 carat Green Yellow
AURUNA 572 22.8 carat Deep Yellow
AURUNA 574 14 carat Pale Yellow
AURUNA 575 12 carat Yellowish White


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