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Copper Plating Processes

Copper Plating Solutions

Cyanide Copper Strike

Used for the pre-plating of steel, zinc-based diecastings, aluminium, lead or its alloys, the cyanide copper strike is a hydroxide-free electrolyte.

It gives a fine grained, matt to semi-bright deposit up to a maximum thickness of 5 µm.

Cyanide Copper SLOTOCOUP CC10

This cyanide based copper plating solution produces bright, smooth and ductile deposits.

The throwing and covering power are excellent; the process is very suitable for the plating of profiled parts.

As it is hydroxide free, it is particularly suitable for the copper plating of zinc-based diecastings. It is suitable for both rack and barrel applications.

Items plated in Bright Copper TB 10

Bright Copper TB 10

A decorative acid copper plating process giving mirror bright, highly levelled deposits. Levelling performance is maintained even at low current densities. This sulphuric acid based electrolyte has a stable additive system and wide operating parameters.

Operating temperature of the bath is 20 - 25°C (22°C) optimum and the current density varies between 2 and 7 A/dm². Deposition rate is 0.88 µm / minute at 4 A/dm²

Acid Copper SLOTOCOUP PC81

A key factor in the success of SLOTOCOUP PC81 acid copper plating solution has been its suitability for the deposition of thick and very ductile deposits.

Other advantages include its ability to withstand the most demanding thermal cycle tests and to operate over a wide range of current densities. This process is particularly suitable for electroforming applications.

Using a single additive system, which produces no detrimental breakdown products, the bath remains stable after being left idle for long periods. Deposition rate is approximately 0.89 µm/minute at 4 amps/dm².

Copper Ancillaries

Copper Sulphate Salt

This pure, anti-caking, additive-free salt, is available for the trouble-free manufacture and maintenance of all copper sulphate plating solutions.

Copper Sulphate 300 g/l

This purified liquid concentrate provides trouble-free manufacture and maintenance of all copper sulphate plating solutions.

Copper Anodes, copper slugs, copper balls

Copper Concentrate FC

A 32% w/w pure concentrate of copper methane sulphonate.

Copper Fluoborate 50%

A high grade 50% concentrate of copper fluoborate.

Copper Anodes OFHC

Developed for use in cyanide copper plating solutions.

Copper Anodes Phosphorous De-oxidised

Developed for use with acid copper plating solutions (containing copper sulphate).

Schloetter can supply copper anodes as bars, copper balls or copper slugs.
See our anodes page for further details.

Sulphuric Acid Pure 1.84

Pure sulphuric acid, suitable for the maintenance of copper, nickel and a variety of processes.

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