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Lead-Free Plating Processes

Tin-Bismuth SLOTOLOY SNB10

SLOTOLOY SNB10 is a tin-bismuth electrolyte for depositing alloys of up to 30% bismuth. The silky, dull deposits are suitable for all rack and barrel ‘lead-free’ electronic applications.

Tin-Bismuth SLOTOLOY SNB20

A high speed electrolyte for the deposition of tin-bismuth containing up to 10% bismuth.

The silky, dull deposits have excellent ‘lead-free’ solderability, making this process ideal for electronic applications.

Tin-Copper SLOTOLOY SNC 10

SLOTOLOY SNC10 is a very stable tin-copper alloy rack plating bath for ‘lead-free’ plating of all types of electronic components.

The deposits contain 1 - 10% copper with very little co-deposited organics.

Tin-Copper SLOTOLOY SNC 20

A tin-copper alloy plating electrolyte, SLOTOLOY SNC20 produces a fine crystalline, matt deposit containing between 1 and 10% copper.

This bath is suitable for all types of electronic components in high speed plating applications.

Tin-Silver SLOTOLOY SNA 30

A strong acidic electrolyte for the deposition of matt fine-crystalline tin-silver with a silver co-deposition of approx. 3%.

As the additives are low foaming this process may be used in reel-to-reel, jet, rack or barrel applications.

Pure Tin SLOTOTIN 40

ICs plated in Slototin 40 Lead-Free Process

A high speed tin electrolyte to produce a fine crystalline deposit of 3 - 8 μm. The deposit demonstrates a resistance to the formation of whiskers making it an ideal ‘lead-free’ finish for the electronics industry.


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