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Polypropylene Plating Croffles

Plastic croffles are a well established product used for the surface heat insulation and spray suppression of plating baths and other hot solutions. Applied to the surface of the solution, the air trapped inside the balls maximizes heat insulation and forms an effective barrier to minimize spray and reduce evaporation loss.

Polypropylene Plating Croffles
Product No. Description Diameter
No. in
290414 Polypropylene croffles 10 5000
290431 Polypropylene croffles 20 2000
290415 Polypropylene croffles 25 5000
290416 Polypropylene croffles 38 2000
290430 Polypropylene croffles 45 1000
290417 Polypropylene croffles 50 1000
290418 Polypropylene croffles 70 500
290419 Polypropylene croffles 100 100
290420 Polypropylene croffles 150 50

Specification and Chemical Resistance

Max operating Temp: Able to withstand continuous working temperatures of up to 110°C (230°F)
Application: Suitable for contact with most chemicals used in the metal plating and surface treatment industry

Specification subject to change without prior notice

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