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Schloetter Anode Baskets


Schloetter anode baskets are made from Grade 1 titanium - a commercially pure quality which gives good resistance to most plating solutions.

The sides and base of our anode baskets are made from a solid sheet and the hooks are argon arc welded to ensure good electrical conductivity.

Mesh Size

Anode Basket Mesh Sizes

F = Fine
C = Coarse

To order quote Product No. 210100 and A, B and C dimensions and whether fine or coarse mesh is required.

Anode Basket examples

Basket Sizes

A  Dimension: 6" (150mm), 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm) or 12" (300mm)

B  Dimension: 1" (25 mm), 1.5" (38mm), 2" (50mm)

C  Dimension: 12" (300mm), 18" (450mm), 24" (600mm), 30" (750mm), 36" (900mm), 42" (1050mm) or 48" (1200mm)


5" is standard, although greater lengths can be supplied by special order.

The hooks are bent on the edge for greater strength and fabricated with ½ x ¼" section.

For baskets 36" and over, heavier hooks are used (¾ x ¼").

Variations Available

Anode baskets can be made in all grades of titanium depending on the application.

For very corrosive situations, Grade 7 palladium stabilized alloy 260 is recommended.

Larger, non-standard sizes and round baskets are also available.


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