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Schloetter Rod Thermostats

Rod Thermostats - Red Cap

Rod Thermostat

Schloetter Rod Thermostats are suitable for use with Single Phase to control heating in electroplating baths.
They are equipped with a 1.6 metre supply cord and standard red cap terminal casing.

The probe diameter and materials are as follows:-

Stainless Steel:  11 mm
Polypropylene: 16 mm
PTFE: 12 mm

Standard Lengths

Stainless Steel
Product No.
Product No.
Product No.
2.3 200 100 24120700 24121000 24121300
2.3 500 100 24120800 24121100 24121400
2.3 800 100 24120900 24121200 24121500
2.3 As Required As Required 24121600 24121600 24121600


Product No. Description
24124200 Type B Heater Bracket
24122900 Type B Heater Spanner


The temperature control probe is suitable for automatic control of a pre-set value in the process media and are suitable for heaters up to 2.3 kw single phase. For higher loads, or three phase heaters an additional contactor should be used.

The probes construction makes it ideally suited for etch, pickle and plating solutions. Its robust construction and chemical resistance ensures a long service life.

Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 120°C
Insulation: IP64

To set the rod thermostat, unscrew the red cover which provides access to the temperature setting control knob. Turn until the desired temperature is opposite the arrow.

Rod Thermostat Temperature Setting

Rod Thermostat - Hairpin

Suitable for use with single phase to control heating of electroplating baths and similar solutions.

Comes complete with heavy duty terminal box and adjustable mounting blocks ready for connection.

Available in: Stainless steel, Titanium, Mild Steel or PTFE.

Alternative lengths are available to order.

The units incorporate an integral 25 amp rated thermostat unit housed with a chemically resistant, PVC coated steel terminal box, complete with quick fix brackets.

The thermostat opens on a rising temperature. Range: 25°C to 100°C. They are suitable for up to 6 kw heaters on a single phase supply. For higher loads or a three phase supply an additional contactor should be used.

The control knob is situated outside the PVC coated terminal box.

Standard Lengths

Stainless Steel
Product No.
Mild Steel
Product No.
Product No.
Product No.
406 100 24154000 24153900 24154200 24154100
Hairpin Thermostat

Specification subject to change without prior notice

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