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Schloetter MC4 / M10 Plating Filter Pumps

MC4 / MC10 Palting Filter Pumps

The MC4 / MC10 filter units are the smallest in the Schloetter range. They are suitable for most plating solutions. They are mainly designed for tanks of 100 litres and below.

MC4 / MC10 Filter Unit

MC4 and MC10 units are designed to be fitted with cartridge filtering elements -

MC4   - 1 x  4" cartridge
MC10 - 1 x 10" cartridge

The base and covers are manufactured in moulded polypropylene and the filter chambers are made of transparent Perspex.

Max operating temperature:  65°C
Max permissible pressure:    1.5 bars

Supplied complete with -

  • 10 mm nozzle connections
  • Inlet / outlet PVC hoses

Solution Output

MC4:    350 litres maximum output through a 1 x 4" cartridge.
MC10:  375 litres maximum output through a 1 x 10" cartridge.


A comprehensive selection of cartridges are available from our separate media brochure.


Both the MC4 and the MC10 units are pumped by an M7 single phase magnetic coupled pump, which is made of injected polypropylene, running at 3000 rpm ; power 85 watts.

Filter Unit Part Numbers

Description Product No. Cartridges
MC4 / M7 25155000 1 x 4"
MC10 / M7 25155100 1 x 10"

Specification subject to change without prior notice

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