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Tin-Lead Plating Processes used in the PCB Industry

Tin-Lead Plating Solutions

Matt Tin-Lead LA

Established for many years in the printed circuit industry, tin-lead LA is a fluoborate based plating process producing uniform matt fine-grained deposits containing up to 40% lead.

Deposits have excellent reflow properties and solderability even after long storage periods.

Matt Tin-Lead SLOTOLET K 10-1

This is a fluoride-free single additive process for the deposition of matt fine grained coatings containing from 5 - 95% lead.

The level of co-deposited carbon is very low resulting in excellent solderability even after extended storage times or stringent ageing tests.

With exceptional throwing power and alloy consistency, the electrolyte is ideally suited for plating complex PCBs and electronic components.

Tin-Lead Ancillaries

Tin Coagulant FMN

A coagulant designed to aid the precipitation of stannic tin compounds in tin and tin-lead solutions assisting solution clarification.

Tin Concentrate TINCON B200

A liquid tin fluoborate concentrate containing 20% (w/w) tin.

Lead Concentrate B270

A liquid lead fluoborate concentrate containing 27% (w/w) lead.

Acid Concentrate PB500

50% (w/w) fluoboric acid.

Tin Concentrates FS, FS20 & FS200

As a manufacturer of tin MSA, Schloetter are able to supply a number of concentrations of high quality tin methane sulphonate.

Acid Concentrate FF

A purified methyl sulphonic acid concentrate.

Anti Foam SN

Developed for use in tin or tin-lead baths where foaming results from high turbulence.

Tin Anodes

Tin anodes may be supplied as bars, slugs or ball shapes dependent upon customer requirements.

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