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Nickel Plating Processes used in the PCB Industry

Nickel Plating Solutions

Semi-Bright Nickel SLOTONIK SB

This nickel process produces uniform semi-bright nickel deposits over a current density range of 2 - 7 A/dm². It is operated at a pH of 3.8 - 4.5.

The solution, which is tolerant to impurities, produces extremely ductile deposits and is suitable for use under gold on edge connectors.

Nickel Sulphamate MS

This sulphamate electrolyte is particularly suitable for the deposition of highly ductile, thick nickel deposits with low internal tensile stress for use in the engineering, electronics and electroforming fields.

Nickel Ancillaries

Nickel Salts & Concentrates

High purity Nickel Sulphate, Nickel Chloride, Nickel Sulphamate and Boric Acid.

Nickel Anodes

We supply Electrolytic, 'D' crowns and ‘S’ type anode materials to suit your needs.
See our anodes page for more details.

Nickel anodes

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